Datasat Answers Internet and Mobile Connection Problems

Monday 6th July 15

Datasat Answers Internet and Mobile Connection Problems

It’s hard to believe that in this 21st Century with all the new technology available, there are many areas across UK where residents and businesses are struggling to get online or make phone calls.

Only recently it was reported that residents of a £150m housing development in Oval, Central London have been left without phone or Internet access and it appears to be a growing problem as national providers struggle to cope with the capacity required for these new developments.

In South Gloucestershire hundreds of residents in Bradley Stoke are unable to order the new superfast broadband services that had been promised and residents in rural villages in East Norfolk are suffering speeds as low as 39Kbps, even though they live just yards from an exchange.

Some prime London addresses suffer from the slowest Internet speeds and residents and business owners in these areas also suffer from poor mobile phone signals, meaning they cannot get 4G services.

For residents this is extremely frustrating, but to business owners in these areas lack of Internet connectivity and mobile coverage could mean huge losses and reductions in their workforce efficiency.

Phil Emmel, CEO of Datasat Communications comments; “Datasat has been providing both rural and urban communities with communications options that fit individual requirements. Sometimes these are temporary solutions whilst awaiting terrestrial connectivity or permanent solutions”.

Here is just one example of a recent installation: An independent film company recently started renting a property in London. Upon finding ADSL would take three weeks to install, they turned to Datasat for help. Datasat fitted their Quadraedge-LTE outdoor router providing Internet access and distributed this via WiFi. Downloads speeds of 40Mbps where achieved with upload speeds of 18Mbps - these speeds being faster than the ADSL connection when it was finally installed.


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