Datasat Communications launches new services for Surveillance Networking

Datasat Communications, the remote communications specialists, today announced the launch of a new range of network services designed for the growing requirement for effective and secure video surveillance. Aimed at governments, emergency services, transport and utility companies, the new services provide an end-to-end solution for the real-time sharing of video, voice and data services within remote and temporary security and surveillance deployments.

Thursday 23rd August 12

“Traditional CCTV networks have been expensive, proprietary and inflexible. Today, organisations require both flexible video surveillance in remote location and real-time data access so that mobile responders can be effective in the field,” said Bernie Branfield, General Manager of Datasat Communications.

He continued: “IP-based wireless surveillance networks provide the potential to deliver high quality HD video images when and where they are needed over a secure mutli-service, multi-application network infrastructure. Our Surveillance Networking services combine the best of wireless and VSAT satellite communications to create cost-effective, rapidly deployed and flexible communications networks for the new generation of security and surveillance systems.”

Surveillance Networking from Datasat Communications includes:

  • Wireless network infrastructure developed specifically for video traffic
  • Highly secure, highly available multi-service wireless network for video, voice and data traffic
  • Outdoor wireless technologies developed by Datasat Technologies
  • Hybrid wireless and satellite network architecture for optimum LAN and WAN performance
  • Complete end-to-end design, build, manage and maintain network communications service
  • Remote network management via the Datasat Communications NOC

Full details on the new Surveillance Networking services can be found here

About Datasat Communications

Datasat Communications has 25 years experience of creating complete remote communications solutions to meet customer needs virtually anywhere in the world. Specialising in satellite, wireless and terrestrial networks, it is an engineering-led company known for constructing and managing 'best fit' global communications networks. All network solutions from Datasat Communications are bespoke to customer requirements.

About the Datasat Group

The Datasat Group Comprising three companies – Datasat Digital Entertainment, Datasat Communications and Datasat Technologies. The Group develops a broad range of solutions designed to enhance the communications capabilities of individuals and organisations.