Stuttering supercycle increases focus on cost management

Datasat Communications, the remote communications specialists, said today that the correct remote communications infrastructure can help mining companies control costs and increase business efficiency. Amidst speculation that the current commodities supercycle may be ending, the company highlighted the role that remote communications can play in ensuring organisations receive maximum value from their technology investment.

Tuesday 17th July 12

“Communications infrastructure is only a small part of the investment in any mine site but it plays a significant part in delivering the business efficiency required,” said Bernie Branfield, General Manager of Datasat Communications. “Whether the industry goes into a supercylce mark II or exits the current supercycle altogether, it will increase the focus on effective cost management. Mining companies need access to communications solutions that are specifically tailored to their business needs and budgets.

Datasat Communications identified some of the area where remote communications can facilitate greater cost controls:

  • Increased remote operations to reduce headcount
  • Consolidate separate networks onto a single remote communications infrastructure
  • Provide real time access to information when and where needed
  • High performance, highly available corporate applications for improved business operations
  • Deliver value-added content to local communities using existing communications infrastructure to help facilitate a mine company's 'social license'

A full version of the positioning statement can be found here

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