As the cost of mineral exploitation rises and the replacement of mineral resources declines, effective exploration is essential for every mining company. Advances in technology such as satellite imaging have helped the identification of potential deposits. However, exploration engineers require increasing levels of network connectivity if exploration activity is to be as fast and effective as possible. Datasat provides a rapid deploy remote communications infrastructure - based around VSAT satellite and intelligent wireless networking - for early mine exploration that can be quickly and easily augmented as exploration moves to production.

Key Benefits

  • Global remote communications

    The ability to deploy effective communications anywhere on a remote mine site.

  • Corporate communications on remote sites

    The ability to have connectivity to corporate and operations applications for a new site within hours.

  • Networks optimised for rich media traffic

    The ability to transfer large, multimedia and rich media files in real time between the site and country or head offices.

  • Rapid deploy network infrastructure

    The ability to deploy and redeploy communications equipment quickly and effectively.

  • Mobile communications infrastructure

    The ability to deploy a mobile communications infrastructure that delivers maximum availability with minimum maintenance.

  • Flexible communications support for mine exploration

    The ability to scale from exploration to production phase quickly and flexibly.

Secure and reliable outdoor wireless network at a Peruvian mine

Key Capabilities

Datasat has in-depth experience of delivering high availability, high performance temporary communications infrastructure. In fact, emergency services worldwide use our solutions to provide fast and secure connectivity in remote locations and emergency incidents. Datasat systems are designed and tested to be rapidly deployed and operational within timescales that meet business requirements.

•  Mobile units installed and operational within 15 minutes.
•  Wireless equipment specifically designed for rich media traffic.
•  VSAT and wireless equipment designed to operate in the harshest environments.
•  Satellite backhaul capabilities for WiFi and TETRA.
•  Infrastructure easily installed, dismantled and redeployed.
•  Flexible power options allow for uninterrupted operations.
•  Systems can be installed with a minimum of training.

Business Challenges

Although there can be a degree of certainty, there are no guarantees that exploration activities will produce positive results. Cost can easily be incurred through delays in communications between the team on the ground and the team at head office. Productivity can be increased where geologists and other experts don't have to be deployed in-country but can effectively conduct their role remotely.

VSAT satellite dish on African mine site
End-to-end communications services from Datasat

An End-to-End Service

Datasat offers a complete range of services - network design, network build, network management and network maintenance - to ensure customers benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communications needs. The company has over 25 years of experience creating effective connectivity solutions ranging from small remote sites to global VSAT networks. Organisations benefit from a single contract with single SLA and single pricing structure - and only one contact if issues arise.


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