Reliable and continuously available remote communications networks play a vital role in the Health & Safety aspect of remote mine site operations. The real-time capture and distribution of a wide variety of data on people and assets is essential for pro-active safety management. Datasat develops portable wireless mesh networks that allow the effective tracking and monitoring of static and mobile devices to enable improved decision-making.

Key Benefits

  • Rapid deploy wireless networks

    Low cost, quickly deployed wireless network that can be easily extended without the requirement of on-site IT specialists.

  • Networks optimised for rich media

    Wireless network optimised for video and rich media to ensure support for all H&S systems including wireless phones, CCTV cameras, sensor and tracking equipment, and access control points.

  • Self-healing wireless networ

    'Self healing' configuration - through automatic traffic re-routing - for continuous operations with uninterrupted connectivity to static and mobile network elements.

  • Intelligent Layer 3 architecture

    Intelligent Layer 3 architecture virtually eliminates network latency  and enables dynamic data routing to accommodate changes to the network environment.

  • 802.11 wireless networks

    Wireless networks based on 802.11 open standards for seamless integration of wide range of third party sensor and tracking device systems.

  • Point-to-point satellite backhaul

    Point-to-point satellite backhaul for secure, high performance connectivity to global headquarters for consistent management across all mine operations.

A Single Infrastructure For Health & Safety

The advent of wireless broadband has allowed mine operators to capture much more H&S data. Previously, a range of applications such as fleet management and condition monitoring systems - often on their own closed proprietary networks - had to be deployed and coordinated. Datasat provides a single network infrastructure over which all H&S systems can co-exist securely without compromising performance. The result is better quality data for decision-making reliably delivered while cost and management overhead are reduced.

Itelligent outdoor wireless network diagram
Secure and reliable outdoor wireless network at a Peruvian mine

Key Capabilities

•  Wireless routers, access points, antennae and power units ruggedised for continuous outdoor operations in the most hostile and challenging environments.
•  Advanced Layer 3-based traffic management enabling dynamic QoS-driven bandwidth allocation to an individual service, user group or user level.
•  Wireless equipment capable of 300MBps throughput to support the latest rich media H&S systems - such as real-time video and audio.
•  Satellite, wireless and end-to-end network capabilities.
•  Network availability over 99.995% guaranteed by stringent SLAs.
•  Range of power options - including solar and wind - to ensure uninterrupted remote operation.

End-to-end communications services from Datasat

An End-to-End Service

Datasat offers a complete range of services - network design, network build, network management and network maintenance - to ensure customers benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communications needs. The company has over 25 years of experience creating effective connectivity solutions ranging from small remote sites to global VSAT networks. Organisations benefit from a single contract with single SLA and single pricing structure - and only one contact if issues arise.


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