Datasat has over 25 years of experience in designing, building and managing international government networks. Regardless of the location, the company delivers high quality, robust, secure communications - based on the latest VSAT satellite and outdoor wireless technologies - when and where it is needed. Datasat networks operate at the highest levels of reliability and availability to meet the stringent requirements of those involved in emergency services and critical infrastructure.

Datasat installs a VSAT netwoirk at Jakata embsssy

Diplomatic Services

Emergency Services

Critical Infrastructure

Key Benefits

  • Network infrastructure

    Best-of-breed network infrastructure based on the appropriate blend of communications technologies - VSAT satellite, intelligent wireless, fibre - to guarantee connectivity in the world's hard to reach places

  • Network Security

    Intelligent network management increases security, coverage and performance while reducing the amount of network equipment and management involved

  • Network performance

    High speed, dedicated or shared, primary or back-up satellite backhaul for global connectivity and remote management anywhere in the world

  • Datasat service quality

    All members of the Datasat installation and engineering teams have received UK government security clearance

  • Pricing and business benefits

    Complete remote communications solution from a single supplier – with a single contract, single SLA and single pricing structure

Key Capabilities

• Networks for voice, data, audio/video, infrastructure management and first responder services.

• Complete communications footprint anywhere in the world.

• Less network equipment required to cover extended geographical areas.

• Innovative mVoiP solution provides  coverage in areas with poor or no mobile signal.

• Advanced Layer 3 traffic management enabling dynamic QoS-driven bandwidth allocation to an individual service, user group or user level.

• Satellite, wireless, microwave, fibre and end-to-end network capabilities.

• A privately owned communications hub infrastructure.

• Partner relationship with national and international carriers to ensure effective Point of Presence to fibre backbone where available.

Datasat installs VSAT satellite newtork in embassy in Cape Town