Datasat Communications delivers secure, high performance voice, data, video and broadband Internet for customers working in extremely remote locations. Network infrastructure - whether VSAT satellite, intelligent outdoor wireless, fibre or a combination of technologies – is designed and built around cost, quality and business effectiveness. The company has particular specialisation in the following areas.

Delivering a rage of communication services to remote mine sites


The correct communications infrastructure is vital for all mining operations, especially those situated in remote locations. At every stage of a mine site operations, the ability to connect and share information is key for productivity and profitability. As mining automation grows, network availability and performance determines the effectiveness of remote management.


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Remote Communities

High speed and reliable communications into rural areas is a challenge across the globe. The cost of connecting a relatively small number of people across demanding environments deters many traditional telecoms providers. Datasat works with rural communities to deliver the skills and technologies needed to provide broadband-like connectivity in remote areas.


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Delivering a range of services over a single network infrastrcture
Intelligently allocating bandwidth to video surveillance traffic

Surveillance Networks

Whether for border control, people and asset protection or crime prevention, effective surveillance has become a critical part of the daily operations of a wide range of organisations. When the surveillance system is situated in a remote location, careful consideration has to be given to the network infrastructure necessary to ensure continuous operation and dynamic bandwidth allocation to accommodate the particular requirements of surveillance data.


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Government Computing

Datasat has over 25 years of experience in designing, building and managing international government networks. Regardless of the location, the company delivers high quality, robust, secure communications when and where it is needed. Datasat networks operate at the highest levels of reliability and availability to meet the stringent requirements of government and the public sector.


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Secure VSAT connections in Africa and around the world to
Remote Communications for onshore and offshore drilling

Oil & Gas

Datasat delivers a range of communications services especially suited to the oil and gas industries for both onshore and offshore operations. Specialising in the creation of a end-to-end multi-service network infrastructure, Datasat provides managed VSAT, wireless and fibre connectivity to drilling contractors, operators and service companies worldwide.


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Construction Sites

Datasat delivers a single infrastructure for all parties to stay continually connected with access to the latest business, productivity and decision support applications. Reliable and high performance connectivity drives the productivity, cost control, quality and profitability gains that every construction company seeks.


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An End-to-End Service

Datasat offers a complete range of services - network design, network build, network management and network maintenance - to ensure customers benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communications needs. The company has over 25 years of experience creating effective connectivity solutions ranging from small remote sites to global VSAT networks. Organisations benefit from a single contract with single SLA and single pricing structure - and only one contact if issues arise.


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End-to-end communications services from Datasat