Founded in 1987, Datasat Communications has been successfully delivering remote communications solutions for governments, commercial organisations and emergency services ever since. Big enough to deliver global communications solutions, it is a VSAT satellite service provider that's small enough to care. Customers get a single supplier for their remote communications infrastructure needs

Global remote communications from the leading VSAT satellite service provider

Key Achievements

•  Designed and built one of the first satellite networks for real-time share dealing.
•  Instrumental in developing the infrastructure for satellite television broadcasting in the UK.
•  Developed a satellite-based content management solution for multi-national publishing in Europe and the Middle East.
•  Built and managed one of the world's largest diplomatic networks.
•  Developed a global distribution solution for 3D digital cinema content.
•  Voted one of the UK's Hot 100 companies by Real Business in 2012.

Quality First and Last

We provide high performance, reliable and secure network infrastructure for Internet, broadband and business services to remote locations across the globe. Quality is built in at every stage of the process. Customers are guaranteed that Datasat will never compromise of any part of the projects it delivers. While this can involve a small increase of the initial cost of the project, it brings much greater savings downstream. By creating a resilient, reliable and future-proof infrastructure, Datasat reduces the management and maintenance overhead that can easily spiral with remote communications implementations.

Integrated VSAT satellite and wireless network in rural USA

A Personalised Communications Service

Everything Datasat Communications does is backed by the highest level of individual service that it delivers on every project. When delivering a mission critical network, the Datasat team takes time to understand the specific requirements before suggesting a communications solution. Each network infrastructure is completely tailored to the business needs and budget considerations of the customer.


Datasat Communications Brochure
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