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Datasat Communications provides a range of TETRA communications services for the mining industry
For 24x7 mining operations and productivity, you need a communications infrastructure that won't fail - regardless how remote or challenging your mining location.

Datasat Communications specialises in delivering high availability, high performance and highly secure network infrastructure for critical mine data, voice connectivity and corporate networking to mining properties worldwide.

Flexible bandwidth, 99.98% availability
We design every remote communications network to the individual requirements of the mine operator.
We combine satellite, wireless, TETRA and terrestrial technologies to deliver tailored solutions to key mining applications such as:

    •    Corporate networking
    •    Voice connectivity
    •    Mine exploration
    •    Miner welfare
    •    Asset management and security
    •    Site and miner safety
    •    SAP implementations
    •    Corporate social responsibility 

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The one-stop solution
Datasat Communications has gained a reputation for designing, building, managing and maintaining tailored remote communications networks to the very highest quality standards.

When you can't afford for your communications to fail, we deliver the network infrastructure you need.
Please call on +44 (0)1707 665320 or email info@datasat.com.

Exclusive mine site communications white paper from Datasat Communications
TETRA communications for the mining industry. TETRA services from Datasat Communications
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Visit the Datasat Communications website