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Building communications networks in Africa? Choose the remote communications specialists.
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Building communications networks in Africa? We provide the last piece of the jigsaw. Datasat delivers wireless and satellite network solutions into the world's most remote environments, helping provide Internet and broadband services for business and governments.

A communications partner you can trust
Datasat brings over 25 years experience of delivering robust, flexible and  cost-effective network infrastructure to organisations worldwide. Partnering with Datasat, will have access to:
  • The QuadraFlex range of military standard wireless network solutions
  • The QuadraStorm range of CCTV solutions
  • Complete design, build, management and maintenance services
  • Access to our operations, support and engineering teams
  • Joint engagement and marketing opportunities
  • A skilled partner for satellite, wireless, TETRA and hybrid network assignments

What does a remote communications specialist look like?
It's a good question. When you select a communications partner, you need to know you're making the right choice. So, here are a few of our credentials:

  • Specialist in remote communications services to mine operators in Africa
  • Provide communications services to diplomatic networks throughout Africa
  • Deliver content-rich communications services - such as education or medical - into remote locations
  • Provide satellite backhaul services to the world's largest TETRA network operators
Contact us today
If you'd like to find out more about partnering with Datasat, contact Chris Alcock on +44 1707 665 320  or email info@datasat.com

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Visit the Datasat Communications website